QSL Project Update: Things Are Looking Up

The roof replacement, recladding and strengthening project in Bundaberg at Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) is well underway, with Wiley having been on site since May. The project involves the roof replacement and recladding of galbestos on two existing bulk sugar terminals, spanning over 30,000m2 for STL, the owners of the State’s Bulk Sugar Terminals (BSTs) and its Operator, QSL. The sugar terminals have remained in operation during construction.

This project has been staged over 18 months and requires a high degree of coordination to ensure that the BST’s operations are not impacted by construction. Currently Wiley are half way through the project and are expected to finish in mid-September 2019. So far Wiley has removed 11,000 sqm roofing. Construction completion dates are critical to ensuring smooth operations are maintained for QSL. The project involves a combination of high-risk activities such as asbestos removal, and working at 26m heights, on a 34 degree pitch roof.

Wiley’s Business Operations Director, Simon Spittle said “It’s been fantastic partnering with Sugar Terminals Limited (STL) , QSL and Ranbury to deliver a project that is a significant investment into the facility. This project provides a huge contribution to the sugar industry in Bundaberg. There’s been some challenging aspects to the project with the very high risk works undertaken while the terminals still in operation. The project has required superior construction planning around and safety methodology. We’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge. A big thanks to our contractors and local suppliers; Cairns Steel Fabricators, QLD Industrial Claddings, Kwik Lift, All Tech Abseiling and O’Kara.”

In addition to the roof refurbishment, structural strengthening works are being undertaken to the roof purlins, trusses, end walls and roller doors. Apex walkways are also being refurbished, replaced or added, depending on the existing arrangement and condition.