Step Into Your Future Facility With Us

At Wiley we believe in immersing ourselves and our customers into the future of their facilities. This enables our clients to quickly understand and live the experience of walking through and interacting with their vision of a new facility or upgrade long before we build it. As you interact and walk through the virtual surroundings you feel like you are there.

Why is this important? All decisions are driven by feelings, so the more accurately we totally immerse you into a realistic environment and experience of being inside the facility, the better and more informed each decision will be as we plan and design your project together. As part of Wiley’s design build philosophy, this step invests time, money and innovation into the earliest stages of the project to help you optimise every cent you spend. This ensures all key project deliverables are communicated clearly to all stakeholders and agreed to prior to beginning procurement and construction, ensuring costly delays and later changes are minimized.

“This creates the most effective environment I have ever experienced so far for evolving facility design with our clients.” Tom Wiley

Step into your better future.