Wiley CEO to Raise Funds for TRACTION in 2020 Bike Build

Wiley are excited to announce that CEO, Robert Barron, will be participating in the TRACTION 2020 CEO Bike Build to raise funds for TRACTION to support more young people in need.

TRACTION engages local communities and serves those most in need by providing a safe, inclusive, action-based environment where vulnerable youth build self-esteem, find a sense of belonging, discover their potential and create their own future.

The CEO Bike Build event will help CEO participants experience first-hand the benefits of TRACTION programs in the community, while helping TRACTION continue to provide a safe, learning environment for its participants.

Robert Barron, Wiley’s Chief Executive Officer says, “I’ll be working alongside a TRACTION participant aged 12-15 years of age, who’ll showcase the skills they’ve developed at TRACTION and lead me through the process of building a bicycle from scratch. The bike we build will be donated to TRACTION as a project for a future participant. I’m looking forward to spending time with a young person in need and seeing firsthand the social impact that TRACTION delivers across South East Queensland communities. I sincerely appreciate any contribution you can make via my fundraising page for the event located HERE.”

The CEO Bike Build event will take place on 11th September 2020. Wiley is proud to be a part of this event to help TRACTION raise funds for young people in need.